2016 : The Big Leap #WeeklyPrompt #BlogChatter

2016 is around the corner. Less than 24 hours away. The last time I felt the need to pay tribute to a year going by was 2 years back so you can Imagine how 2014 and most of 2015 went for me. But as I wrap up this year I am all charged up and restless and all that in a good way :)

This post is less of a tribute to 2015  but more of an ‘Ushering in a New year’ wishlist.

new year

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The Fault in Our Stars #SportsChatter Contest

Around this time last month, the ill famous Oscar Pistorious trial was back in news.  As someone who hardly knows her home run from running between the wickets, surprisingly, I’ve followed the murky trial for years now since at the heart of it lies one of my favorite role models.

It’s purely co-incidental that he is a sports person. Back then I debated how he was having it easy being a celebrity. Agreed that home invasions are one of the most dreaded crimes in SA & his disability made him vulnerable to overlook the consequences . Yet, wouldn’t he be guilty if he killed an intruder? So even though it was an error of judgment on his part to kill his live-in partner allegedly in the name of self-defense, wasn’t he getting a princely treatment from media, fans and legal system alike? I am no expert on legal matters but with all evidence in place, would he actually be living in a mansion as we speak if he was an ordinary non celebrity like you and me?

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Good Days , Bad Days & People who make or break them!

Yesterday was a crazy day for me.

You know the kind of days that seem quite normal from the face of it , but you end up feeling all mixed up and disturbed and you just cant put your finger on what is it that is bothering you.

Aren’t they the worst kind?

When they try and act all fine but just aren’t?

And they try to seem on your side but are far from it?

And you do whatever you would normally do , yet nothing seems to be working out? Or atleast you end up feeling like you are losing your mind or balance or both?

I am still talking about the mysterious undercover bad days . But horrible as they seem , I’ve realized they are a life lesson waiting to be learnt.

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The Little Joys of Life #MicroblogMondays

I sip on my coffee and soak in the mad frenzy that Monday Mornings are at the airport .
It feels as good as the first time. Taking a flight . Buying a cup of coffee & enjoying it alone. Simple joys of Life ?

I wonder yet again if my son would ever experienced these little moments of bliss the way we did -Mix tapes , writing letters , waiting for birthdays for gifts , pocket money , plane rides .

Will evolution keep intact the essence of financial independence , the wonder of technology that makes things happen,, discovering? Maybe not .But maybe he’ll discover a whole new set of experiences as his simple joys ? We have to wait to discover those


Linking my first very post on MicroblogMondays . Feeling escited :).. Coz Life’s little joys right?