Mind it, We Mind.

So , finally the whole Amir Khan episode is dying its own death. And thanks to the huge public outcry Ms Rao and Mr Khan shall continue to be residents of our country. Phew!

While some of us find the entire episode ridiculous , there were quite a few who were whole heartedly invested into the various developments taking shape in what seemed like another case of a prominent media personality voicing common man woes & failing miserably at it.

While I am still trying to get over the sarcasm, the intense reactions , over analysis and even a suicidethe country remains devided over a slightly misguided remark.

The fact remains. This episode like many recent ones, has taken the intolerance debate to another level.

Now, as someone who’s never been at the receiving end of all the hate is fairly unequipped to take sides. But I do believe, while a section of the country almost every day wakes up to fight their battles with basics, there’s a tribe that thrives on battling it out with one another.

That section is (and we are a part of it on some days if not all) , ironically, the exceedingly anti-social , Social brigade. The entire purpose of their being is to look for a reason to throw a fit. The twitter-taliban won’t let anyone have an opinion, take a stand, express themselves. The extreme journalism plays on headlines that grab eye balls, blatantly ignoring facts over cooked up stories meant to go viral however banal they may be.

Freedom of Expression is becoming the area of jurisdiction of a select few and an entire blog post is needed for that. But this is not one of those posts.

The antics of these twitter-taliban , news-nazis have started to seem like attention seeking antics of adolescents going through their terrible twos.

And as a mother of a 3 year old , I can actually see the humour in that. Read through these lines and tell me if you agree?



We are so sensitive,

Our feelings get hurt no matter what you say

We will throw a fit,

Even if you so much as look our way


We are the proverbial grenade

Waiting to blow

Freedom of expression is our excuse

We call it public outrage, you know


But you have no right to your opinion

If you are remotely quotable

Movies , gender, cricket , politics – even the weather

Are completely avoidable


Inspite of your social standing or your IQ level

What you say may come with a big disclaimer

You need to censor your thoughts

You are always under the scanner


Facts are swept aside, when wild imagination fuels misplaced pride

Armed with our smartphones, behind fake handles we hide

Rude memes, hurling abuses, creating a ruckus & what not

We are Indians, we are fragile, we are angry all the time.

Extreme reactions are our forte, jumping to conclusions the national sport.

Tell me your take on the entire melodrama. You find it hillarious , over-hype or just another day in our so called paradise?

And if you are so far tolerant to what I am saying , go ahead hit the like and share. Show some love , the social -world needs it buddy .


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I Must Confess

I don’t watch the news anymore

Not knowing helps a little

With all that pain and heartache around us

Life’s turning a bit brittle


I no longer get shaken by calamities

The earth doesn’t move under my feet

Paris to me , can’t be mad gunmen somehow

But quaint cafes lined up along cobbled street


It’s sad that some have a fault in their stars

But that’s not the case with me

All’s well with mine (or so I think)

and carry on in my alternate reality


Sometimes its easier to just be , even if the mask begins to wear

Let the odds not bother us , its so convenient to not care

Shutting out the noise , muting off the news, I must confess

The path of least resistance works better than a life under duress


The post was written under the #BlogBuddyMavericks program by @blogchatter for the weekly writing prompt “I must confess” .

There’s so much hurt , pain , outrage and sadness in news and every where around us that with time we are becoming a little oblivious . The big headlines dont effect us any more , the death and misery doesnt seem heart – wrenching. We are living in our alternate reality – partly due to ignorance , partly coz we feel that ‘bad things wont happen to us’.  The tone of the lines above might come across a little harsh , the sentiment actually is ‘make-believe as a defence mechanism’ .  Please share your views!






Why we Blog?

I’ve always been a big fan of beautifully strung together sentences. Fonts that suit the tone of what’s being spoken about. Punctuations that transform a simple thought. Quotes that have layers your mind unwraps with a childlike enthusiasm of opening up a surprise present.

And you come across something like this


Or this

Quote 2

And the way you look at words, changes.

For the longest time, I’ve had a journal. It used to be a diary when writing seemed to be our way of expressing opinions no one sought from us. Then came the college literature magazine when realisation dawned how there was a way those carefully drafted stories or couplets could find readers. And then we discovered blogs – those magical spaces where you could write, interact, edit, and update – anytime, anywhere.

So my blog became a dynamic, living, colourful, flexible universe of self-expression. You could post pictures, could write in smart one-liners, review that gorgeous movie or song that you enjoyed or just rant about a bad day.

For 7 years blogging was actually – phases of enthusiastic writing and long spells of uninspired silence. Till a completely random stranger came up with the most amazing yet logical take on blogging that I’ve ever heard. “Blogging is so much more than writing” she said and threw this writing prompt at me which went from a curious enquiry to a deeply probing quandary.

And ‘Why I blog’ became actually the toughest prompt to write about.

More difficult than an opinion piece – coz there you know which side of the table you are and which argument you’d want to make. Tougher than a travelogue or a movie review – coz if there’s anything that’s easy to express than it’s something you can touch , feel , taste , experience.

While writing is a personal agenda, more inward than really outward. Blogging is all about interaction, views, taking a thought to the minds that may or may not think like you. Blogging is about expressing yourself, wait for being judged and if you are really lucky [ Coz you are doing what you are doing, right] then you just might get noticed and sometimes appreciated!

Blogging is about creating a Digital Identity. Its little pieces of you floating around in the cyber-space , amidst all the outrage and noise and millions of voices and images that last for split second. It’s also voluntary, so obviously our attempt to represent oneself should be good enough & close enough to how we really want to be perceived.

After a week of drafting & editing this post inside my head here’s the conclusion. I write because I love words. I blog because I would want to share them with as many people as possible and hope to find some inspiration in return.

This post was written under the #BlogBuddyMavericks Program initiated by @Blogchattter a platform that encourages bloggers to do what they love! #BlogChatter #BlogBuddyMavericks #WhyWeBlog #WritingPrompt

The images of two quotes are sourced from Google and I am grateful to the authors & creater of the images .


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The Long And Short Of It

Post a decade long work experience you end up with a delusion that whatever long term ( and short term)  career goals you had when you started off .. You are more or less on track with them.

Unless ofcourse you aren’t in the race ( by destiny or design) .

It came as a surprise , thus, when a job change prospecting form , yet again asked me to put on my creative thinking hat and answer a question that we so enthusiastically had ready and rehearsed replies to , way back at B school.

“What are your long term career goals”

Thankfully one can come up with some sensible , well thought of replies when such blatant curiosity glares at you from a piece of paper . In person , some one like me would just get carried away with all the false glory one lives in the aura of. “I am exactly where I’d see myself 10 years back”. I would’ve taunted back.

Now with the piece of paper in front of me and the luxury of less spontaneity by my side . I deliberated a bit and even though my reply was a tad bit cheesy to the less informed .

It was a 100% true.

I’ve reached a stage when I know I am in a career and not just a job. There are bad days but on most days – am doing something that’s adding value in a small way to someone . Not for a single day I went to work ONLY cos I get paid for it , infact on the contrary , I am working as hard as I do inspite of what I get paid :)
There have been mistakes. Career sins, Of gigantic proportions . They have changed my track , slowed me down , put in an extra hurdle or two in what already seems like an obstacle race.

But I have survived and quite so.

And no I didn’t write that righteous  essay of the chronicles of me. All that went in the thinking process .  I wrote , I see myself learning new things , investing into myself and doing what I enjoy doing every single day.

Tad cheesy But honestly , where do I see myself 10 years from now?

Baking cookies ? Playing Super mom ? Brunching with friends as a way of life? Writing a book ?

Maybe all of the above but yes , also, working – coz If I have a part of my life that’s really fulfilling then my work definitely completes the picture.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Drop in a line in the comments and It ll be fun to revisit to see how things change or stay the same some years down the line , isnt it?

#72HoursInGoa for a Life Makeover

I believe that like some people, movies, quotes & books, some places happen to you for a reason.

We always have this bucket list, with places ear-marked under categories. The romantic getaway, the post college trip, the weekend of undiluted fun, the journey towards self-discovery or simply to escape the mundane. There are places we wish to be left alone in. There are some where we want to party the night away. Be it Joie de vivre , rejuvenation or to literally getaway- whatever be the reason , we always have this place in mind that fits the bill.

And then there’s Goa.

The muse to lovelorn artists , the party destination , the corporate travelers haven , the couple’s retreat. So many places rolled into one. Like a chameleon it moulds itself to become what one seeks to find.

How does one manage to pack all that in #72HoursInGoa? I’ve tried to do that to a week [ here] and also a little over 48 hours [here] quite living up the two starkly different facets myself.

Like a wise person once said – There are something’s in life , you should do once. Well Goa you should visit once too. Once every time you are at a turning point in your life coz whatever kind of traveler you might be , this place would make for great stories , fascinating discoveries , interesting adventures or just fantastic food and fun experience.

Here’s what I think #72HoursinGoa would be for the discerning traveler in you. Whichever kind you are!

#72HoursInGoa for The text-book traveler

Fresh Air and the Blue sky

This one’s destined to have the most fun. Coz you’d literally go by the book and there’s little room for disappointment there. Also considering that it’s your first trip [ and you think your only trip coz at this point you don’t know #72hoursinGoa are just not enough] you are hell bent to have a blast.

Day 1 : Hire a two wheeler , walk down the most popular beaches [Baga & Calangute – the most popular and packed], haggle at the Friday flea market , laze around , get a tattoo maybe and party like there’s no tomorrow at a shack[ ‘brittos’ and ‘anthonys] , a lounge[ capetown] or go clubbing at Cabana[ at Arapora]till wee hours.

Day 2: If you have planned well – check out the sunburn fest or spend the day in Panjim clicking pics at the Church and Donna Paula and wrap up the night at Casino Royale.

Day 3: Start your day with some breakfast at a roadside bistro of anda pav and cutting chai . Head to the incredible Thallasa for a super romantic lunch and taste some authentic goan cuisine at Viva Panjim.

By the time you are through, you’ll be soaked in the sun and the sand and will have plenty of posts on your facebook wall as memoirs. Now that the touristy way to do Goa is out of your system, the urge to return as a more evolved traveler would take over.

#72HoursInGoa for The Enthusiastic Explorer


You take pride in taking back memories that few know about. So for an experience collector like you – Goa’s rich cultural heritage has enough to offer and we are not talking the churches here now, are we?

Day 1: Revisit Goa, the way it was before people made it as crowded as if travelling was free! Book yourself a homestay with a local. That would take care of the home cooked authentic goan cuisine and also the stories of good old days. But seeing is believing, so head to an ethnographic museum ( likes of Goa –Chitra in Benaulim) and experience the bygone era first hand.

Day 2: Taste a bit of history as you explore Fountanhas, the Portuguese side of Panjim. You’ll thank whoever invented digital cameras, coz you’d want to capture its vibrant coloured buildings from every possible angle.

Day 3: You’ve heard about the Dudhsagar Falls, the spice gardens and also the forts. But those are experiences that people have captured at great lengths. What could be an amalgamation of the true spirit of Goa – in all its festivity and colours? The Goa Carnival it is. Be a part of the merry making – experience the joy , the singing and feasting like a true Goan . And yes did I mention there’s fenni too?

Plan a romantic 3 day getaway for valentines and she’ll worship you for the rest of her life.

#72HoursInGoa for The Lost Wanderer


The best way to discover any city is to get lost in it. And when you plan to get lost – you don’t do that with the clock ticking inside your head. Choose from various off-beaten experiences like the spice plantations ( Savoi and Sahakar Spice Farm) , the butterfly conservatory ( in ponda) , the trek at the majestic Dudhsagar falls or watch the dolphins play. For the traveler that wants to explore the untouched beaches, the mystical ruins, the solitary forts, the quiet views – Goa has enough and more to offer that might not fit in the itinerary.

But then again like I mentioned – the idea IS to have no Plan!

PS : Read Shivya Nath’s mind-blowing list of off beaten experiences in Goa here . Pick 3 that suit your mood and budget . Thank me later!

There are many more Goas that live within this magical city.


The one that promises water sports (kayaking & scuba diving) or adventure sports (parasailing , bungee jumping) and so much more to #72HoursInGoa for the Adrenaline junkie. Host of beach action and clubbing options for #72HoursInGoa for the Party- enthusiast.

And then there’s the burnt out working mom like me , who wants to relax and rejuvenate (read: eat, lounge and repeat) spending every moment of #72HoursOfGoa getting spoilt silly.

My idea of #72HoursInGoa for The Seeking Life-Makeover traveler [that’s currently me] is soaking in the easygoing indulgence of Ramada Caravela beach resort & Goa.

Armed with no plan and #72HoursInGoa at one of the most luxurious spaces, leisure would mean lounging with my laptop( in between hearty meals and rejuvenating ayurvedic massages ) and finishing those long pending travelogues lying around incomplete in the draft folder of my soon to be defunct blog.

One day of free flowing wine , serene views at the beach or better still in my Garden View Suite ‘overlooking sprawling, manicured gardens’ and life perhaps would never be the same again.

Wholesome flavours, scenic views, soothing sounds and refreshing aromas – #72HoursInGoa at The Ramada Caravela Beach Resort would be a grand feast for senses. Finely curated, perfectly served and holding promises of an aftertaste for a long long time.

I am picturing myself with the proverbial sand in my feet and wind in my hair. If the power of belief can change life , mine’s ready for a transformational #72HoursInGoa.

The post was submitted as an entry for the #72HourInGoa contest by Ramada Caravela. Head to their website to plan the perfect life makeover for yourself at Goa [ at ] and talk to me & the world about it by following them on [ their Twitter & Instagram handle – @RamadaCaravela  ]