2016 : The Big Leap #WeeklyPrompt #BlogChatter

2016 is around the corner. Less than 24 hours away. The last time I felt the need to pay tribute to a year going by was 2 years back so you can Imagine how 2014 and most of 2015 went for me. But as I wrap up this year I am all charged up and restless and all that in a good way :)

This post is less of a tribute to 2015  but more of an ‘Ushering in a New year’ wishlist.

new year

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Feminism is NOT wanting to be a man #MicroBlogMondays

Woke up this Sunday to a very strange quote by a modern day woman I had come to admire.

As she spoke about her personal goals of settling down as a homely wife-  a clear contrast to the picture of free thinking & free-spirited characters she’s gained recent success for , she voiced her opinions on the dreaded F word.

Feminism amongst other things as per her was wanting to be a man.

It’s quite sad how influencers in power positions who get a patient listening ear sometime are so indiscreet with their views on subjects that are larger than you and me that they do more damage to the cause than help it.

As a career woman who also happens to be married and a mother – my definition of Feminism is fairly simple and it doesn’t remotely fall near the vicinity of ‘wanting to be a man’.

I am a Feminist, who loves being a woman . Let’s rephrase being my own person.  With my views & the courage to voice them when I wish to .  I don’t enjoy being singled out , I’d rather be recognized for what I bring to the table, the conversation , to the moment.

Good or bad , with all my imperfections in place – I am a person. That’s Feminism to me .

What is Feminism to you and does it bother you the way it’s thrown around as a topic so frivolously?





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What’s your Mountain ? #MicroBlogMondays

Had the most inspiring conversation with my father who now-a-days motivates for a living. Imagine a life like that? So anyway.

He asked me a simple question . What do you need to scale a mountain.

I came up with the standard replies. Climbing gear , water , tent , fuel , oxygen maybe?

What you need to scale a mountain is , the Mountain itself. Everything else – The power , energy , patience , will , time and results – are relative.

Every time life gives us a mountain to scale , we do have an option to stand and stare and do nothing. Or we can get moving step by step , day by day and scale it.

It could be a presentation , a blogging challenge or a life changing event . We wont know how to scale it till we take the first step and the next one after that.

So which mountain are you scaling today?


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Desperately Seeking Consistency #MicroBlogMondays

Two days of Driver – issues & you relearn a life lesson.

Other than attempts to shock and awe for the purpose of grabbing attention quite like Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus , I am all for consistency. Consistent reactions , trustworthy patterns , reliable processes and predictable behaviors make my world go round on its axis.

Can you imagine a world where we have no idea what time the sun goes up or traffic signals turn green or the aircraft takes off or that meeting at 9 am starts? Personal or professional , nature or man made – whatever maybe our interaction with whosoever , take a minute to wonder . While randomness may appeal to us once in a while , Consistency is a way of life .

So if we crave patterns from people , why don’t we reflect the same consistent behaviour ? Even though this post was  borderline rant as I link it up with #MicroBlogMondays I realise these short posts are becoming a pattern.

Do you thrive on randomness or do you crave consistency too ?



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Make Posts , Not War #MicroBlogMondays

Yesterday , I found myself in a situation that has started to define my life.I was unable to come on the same page with a person . But my reaction was far more composed than both of us expected.

I’ve come to a conclusion about people. They choose to listen what they wish to & say what they want to and sometimes  even expressing your point of view is taken against you. 

In such cases , I don’t wish to choose the battle if the battle doesn’t wish to choose me. Instead I choose to Blog & get it off my mind. Coz making posts is so much better than making war. Right?


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ZigZag #AtoZChallenge Day 26

It was going to be a long night. The one where there are promises to keep and miles before you sleep . Those kinds.

She brewed herself a cup of black coffee and tried to calm down her frantic nerves. She had done what was supposed to be done , she now had to wait for the consequences to unfold . Just like a child waiting for his fate to unveil.

She quickly did her math, 12 hours should be good enough . These things took time. Patience ,unlike her craft, couldn’t be taught. She had learned it after some botched experiments. Now she was more confident. Also , an intense disappointment & a heart aching failure made one bounce back and pretty much excel at these things.


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