2016 : The Big Leap #WeeklyPrompt #BlogChatter

2016 is around the corner. Less than 24 hours away. The last time I felt the need to pay tribute to a year going by was 2 years back so you can Imagine how 2014 and most of 2015 went for me. But as I wrap up this year I am all charged up and restless and all that in a good way :)

This post is less of a tribute to 2015  but more of an ‘Ushering in a New year’ wishlist.

new year

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Make Posts , Not War #MicroBlogMondays

Yesterday , I found myself in a situation that has started to define my life.I was unable to come on the same page with a person . But my reaction was far more composed than both of us expected.

I’ve come to a conclusion about people. They choose to listen what they wish to & say what they want to and sometimes  even expressing your point of view is taken against you. 

In such cases , I don’t wish to choose the battle if the battle doesn’t wish to choose me. Instead I choose to Blog & get it off my mind. Coz making posts is so much better than making war. Right?


Linking it up with #MicroBlogMondays .

Read more about this amazing idea ‘writing at your home’ here.


ZigZag #AtoZChallenge Day 26

It was going to be a long night. The one where there are promises to keep and miles before you sleep . Those kinds.

She brewed herself a cup of black coffee and tried to calm down her frantic nerves. She had done what was supposed to be done , she now had to wait for the consequences to unfold . Just like a child waiting for his fate to unveil.

She quickly did her math, 12 hours should be good enough . These things took time. Patience ,unlike her craft, couldn’t be taught. She had learned it after some botched experiments. Now she was more confident. Also , an intense disappointment & a heart aching failure made one bounce back and pretty much excel at these things.


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Young Love #AtoZChallenge Day 25

“Can we have an ice cream please?” His tiny eyes beamed at her with all their blackmailing superpowers . She gave in even though they were running a little late . He could ask for the earth , moon and stars and she couldn’t say no . She loved him to bits , he was the only living person on the earth she could now love any more.

As their car navigated the cobbled roads of the quaint little hill station that was still half asleep , she tried to read the boards of the petite shops painted in bright colours. It was 7 :00 AM and the chances of an ice cream shop existing here much less being open were bleak . She’d have to think of ways to distract her grandson to avoid a tantrum before their 10 hour journey back home even began.

Um, baby , it’s too early in the morning for ice cream parlour to be open , I promise we’ll go to your favorite place straight away as soon as we reach home.”

What If I take you to someplace I know?” his smugness at knowing something that she didn’t because it was his home terrain was so adorable.

_AtoZChallenge (12).png

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X #AtoZChallenge Day 24

She stopped for a second to soak in the quiet of a single person’s home .

Loneliness is a way of life that you can either enjoy thoroughly or hate wholeheartedly. She belonged to the first category. Her space , her quiet , her peace was more important to her than anything else that didn’t come with a price tag.

She switched cities to earn this calm. Had chosen to sever ties with her parents who didn’t understand why a woman was fine just being on her own and didn’t need a man to complete her. She thought they would understand , sooner or later. It was 10 years later , and their hurt turned into resentment but they didn’t understand.

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What Women Want #AtoZChallenge Day 23

AtoZChallenge page here If they’d be in The Truman show right now, this is where someone would raise an alarm  in the production room saying ‘where’s the drama, guys , the ratings will take a plunge ” 

She tried to get some conversation going, again.

“So how was your day? “ She passed on the salad.

“Umm okay.” He poured some water in the glass and rechecked his phone.

“Anything new happened?” she coaxed.

“Nope same old.” He didn’t budge.

His screen was as dull and bleak as his mood , she mused.

_AtoZChallenge (11)

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